There’s a good chance that you are reading this because you are a puppy owner, or plan on becoming one in the near future. With everything in life there are a few things that you should always know about your new puppy. Lets get started.


When a puppy is first born they won’t be able to see. It takes about a week before they open their eyes. So they are blind for the first few days. Be very careful with your puppy during this early stage in their life. A puppy should be greeted first by using their sense. Let them smell you and get to know your scent and touch. Over time they’ll recognize that first. Once their eyes are open they’ll begin to know you by sight as well. It takes a bit longer for your puppy to develop their hearing. So touch, smell, and sight will be the first ways of greeting and communicating with your new puppy.



People tend to bend and mutilate this word. They take it out of context and many totally discipline their dogs in unfashionable ways. If you want your pet to learn, but want to be nice doing it lets switch that word out for survival. You see a dog is a domestic animal but doesn’t know that himself. To your new puppy its just a way of life but you have to teach them to survive. Teaching them to heel, sit, stay isn’t a trick but a survival method for them. When you look at it from a survival perspective they are much more easier to train. It also gives them the advantage of knowing they must perform this.


I can’t stress enough about a schedule. If your dog doesn’t get on a eating schedule, their bathroom schedule will be all over the place. Set times during the day when your dog will eat and then use the restroom. In the long run it is much easier for you and your dog won’t have to worry about eating. They’ll know when and how they are going to eat.

Potty Training

Potty training is one hundred times easier when you have a schedule. This can take a bit of time for your dog to learn but once they grasp the concept they’ll always want to go outside to use the restroom. Don’t get angry or emotional when you first begin. This gives the dog mixed signals. Be patient and press on. Eventually they will learn!

Socialize Early With Dogs & Humans

Be very careful when you first begin to socialize your puppy with other dogs and humans. Remember that your puppy is trusting in you. They expect for you to have your best intentions for them. Don’t break their trust and always know the other dog and human before letting your puppy around them.

A new puppy can be a lot of fun. They love to play. They have plenty of energy and they can fill up any space with their love and playfulness. Be careful with them and treat them right and you’ll have a lifetime partner who will watch your back and love you.

By Sevve