It doesn’t come as a surprise to many when their dogs don’t understand why they have to swallow that awful tasting medicine. Think about it from a dogs perspective. You want them to eat something that tastes awful. They don’t know why. They just know that it tastes awful. If you have to eat something that tasted awful but didn’t know why, would you?

Instead of struggling with your pet to take their medication make it easier on yourself. Learn how to get your dog to take their medication and like it!

Over Hyper Dogs

Some dogs just love to eat and eat. Once that food bowl is placed in front of them they chow down and devour the entire filling within minutes. If your dog is like this, getting them to take their pill will be simple. You just have to place the pill into the food bowl. Alternatively you could also add a can of wet food. Be sure to check the food bowl afterwards. You wouldn’t want the dog not ending up taking their pill after all that.


I’ll Eat Anything Dog

Some dogs will eat just about anything. Taking the pill and inserting into a hot dog or wrapping it around a piece of cheese may be your best bet. Most dogs won’t even noticed you tricked them. They’ll just be happy you gave them a treat. While you can have the satisfaction of them being happy and healthy.

The Dog That Can’t Eat Hard Food

Not all dogs are created equal. Some dogs have a hard time eating hard food. If your best friend isn’t able to eat hard food, soften it up for him! You can do this buy purchasing a can of wet food and letting the pill “marinate” in the sauce. This should weaken the chemical structure. Making it softer but still effective once eaten.

Use It As A Treat

This will only work if your dog is accustom to you giving them treats for good behavior. Try to use the pill as a treat instead of something they wouldn’t like. You’re taking a different approach, sure, but your dog won’t know the difference if they swallow it up without thinking.

Grind It Up

Sometimes a dog just won’t swallow the pill. If your dog absolutely refuses to swallow the pill you do have a one more choice, grinding it up. Now not all pills can be grinded up so be sure to ask your vet about this before you do it. If you get the okay, then use a spoon or another hard rolling material to grind it up and insert within in their food.

I know how painful it can be to have get your dog to take that unsavory medicine pill. So I wish you luck. If you get the chance to buy a liquid medicine, I recommend you to jump on it.

By Sevve