During the recent pandemic caused by COVID a lot of people turned to purchase a pet to help them cope with their mental health and to give them something to love and take care of during the time they were stuck at home with lockdowns put in place. Mental health has become an increasingly popular topic over recent years with the pandemic causing a lot of people to experience mental health problems due to being at home for long periods without being able to see family or friends.

A lot of people turned to getting dogs or cats as new pets, but many people turned to getting smaller pets like hamsters due to them being a lot easier to keep than getting a larger pet. During the lockdown periods with so many kids wanting to get one and not only kids either there were a lot of adults who wanted to get a hamster as a pet as well. There are many websites that you can visit to get more information on hamsters and animals in general and this was only accelerated further with us having to spend virtually all of our time at home throughout lockdown. It was a period of major growth for many online businesses, with online entertainment platforms and other streaming services also benefitting from this period of time last year.

(Image from livescience.com)

There was a lot of animal breeders that unfortunately put a lot of pressure on their pets and especially dogs to overbreed them which led to serious complications for both the mother and the puppies. Due to this information, a lot of people who wanted dogs turned their attention to pet stores and other methods of getting pets that were not dogs due to them not wanting to put pressure on the dogs. This is where a lot of people turned their attention to smaller pets and especially hamsters due to there usually being a constant supply of hamsters available to purchase. Hamsters are a great pet to have with them being very loving once you have earned their trust, they take care of themselves as long as you regularly clean out the cage and change their food and water daily.

Hamsters have proven to help a lot of people around the world with mental health issues during the pandemic by them being great fun once you have got to know them, they are a great little pet to have, and a lot of people have reported back to say how much a hamster has helped them during tough periods of their life.

By Sevve