Rottweilers have a very bad reputation among the public, but most of the information you hear is just recycled stories. I´m here to give you first hand information from a person who owns not one but two rottweilers! Here are just a few reasons I love them and why you may too.

Lets begin with how people perceive rottweilers. Normally when you bring up a rottweiler in a conversation the other person immediately imagines a vicious dog. This isn’t always true. Any dog can become vicious. This is normally due to terrible, violent owners who train their dogs to be vicious by acting aggressive with them. They will also starve their dogs in order to teach obedience and killing (small animals). I however am not a bad owner and love my rottweilers as if they were my own children.


I feed them properly three times a day and give them plenty of exercise. I took them to classes to help me get them trained. They play with me and I with them. Sometimes it can get a bit rough and if they do get a bit rough I simply put my hands over their mouths. A sign that they have gone too far. Rottweilers aren’t vicious they just need to be trained and loved. My rottweilers immediately stop and sit once they feel and see a hand is over their mouths.

The size of your dogs are going to be large. Rottweilers have a tendency to be big, loving animals. So prepare yourself for 3 half hour walks daily with 3 daily feedings. They eat a lot! The good news is you’ll get plenty of exercise as well. The rottweiler size comes in handy too. They scare most people away immediately so danger isn’t a problem for them. They will bare teeth at intruders but are unlikely to attack depending on the scenario. So they do make great guard dogs.

Speaking of guarding they are very loyal. When a rottweiler is properly trained they will not leave your side when someone else calls them. They can be trained to not eat anything from anyone unless its you there as well. They listen and obey your commands without hesitation. Now that is one loyal dog! Please keep in mind that this will not happen just out of gate. You have to get your rottweilers trained!

Rottweilers aren’t vicious animals without a brain. They are loving, loyal guard dogs that can be played with and loved. You just have to provide the training that they need along with the daily exercises and meals. It really isn’t hard to fall in love with these beautiful dogs, give them a chance!

By Sevve